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    Silica Sand Application

    Silica Sand Applications- Uses

    Supply the glass industries, paints, foundries, chemicals and ceramics.

    Silica sand for glass, Silica sand for crystal, Silica sand for foundry, Silica sand for painting, Silica Sand for oil and gas, Silica Sand for Stamped concrete, Silica Sand for water filtration, Silica Sand for golf Course, Silica Sand for water treatment, Silica Sand for sand plastering and for many more.


    Our silica sand is processed to cover any of these industries:

    ?    Containers (bottles and jars).
    ?    Flat glass / Float glass (windows, mirrors, sheets, vehicle glazing, etc).
    ?    Lighting glass (light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, etc).
    ?    Tableware (lead crystal, drinking glasses, etc.).
    ?    TV tubes and screens.
    ?    Decorative glass.

    Foundry Casting

    Foundry Casting: TTW Company supplies different grades of round, angular and sub-angular sands to the foundry industry for molding and core-making applications. Because of the sand’s high silica levels and our ability to meet a wide range of specifications, our customers in the foundry industry can produce high integrity castings, free of defects and with superior surface finishes.


    Ceramics: Silica sand that has been ground to fine sizes is an ingredient in most clay-based ceramic bodies and is a major constituent of ceramic glazes. TTW Silica Company’s sand can be applied in ceramic products such as tableware, sanity ware, wall and floor tiles, and ornaments.


    Building Applications: Screened building silica sand is the foundation in the construction industry. TTW produces sand with consistent color and grading that can be utilized in a series of applications including silica and aerated concrete blocks, flooring and rendering compounds, floor and roof tiles, roofing felt, white line markings and cement and resin injection systems.


    Abrasives: TTW Company offers angular or round graded sand that is used as an abrasive in many industrial processes such as sandblasting.
    Golf Sands.

    Golf Sands

    Silica sand has become an increasingly important component in sports applications, such as golf courses and pitches. Closely graded silica sand provided by TTW can be applied for sports surface constructions.

    Pool Filters

    Pool Filters: Closely graded, angular, and white-in-color silica sand is the main element used for water filtration. TTW screens sand to meet the strict specifications required for water treatment and sand filters.

    White Cement

    White cement Application: Our quality silica sand Is very suitable for production of White cement.
    Attributes: Brilliant whiteness, Super fineness,Excellent properties and high strength.
    Our Silica sand fitting all properties of the finest raw material applied in the production of the most durable white cement.
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